Concrete mixing station site layout needs attention?

Concrete mixing plant commonly used in concrete large projects, long duration, the site focused on large-scale projects, because concrete mixing stations belonging to the joint means mixing concrete, so it is particularly important venue layout, you need between the various scientific and rational system for assembly, If the installation space is limited, and this will lead to concrete mixing station can not reasonably complete system assembly, but also consider the operation of the concrete mixing station transportation of materials and finished material transportation is convenient, only reasonable decorating the venue in order to portable concrete vibrator ensure the progress of the project.

Concrete mixing station can be used for a more flexible arrangement according to the actual situation of the construction site. But before installation site should be flat in good condition, and compacted bulk sample press release position (the bulk sample should be retained after the installation is completed to), well in advance of the support base of the components of the mixed material storage bin and powder Concrete piers material supply system to stay good secondary grouting anchor bolt holes. But at the same time to pay attention to the following issues:

Concrete Pump second-generation transportation technology: fully hydraulic control commutation technology The first generation pumping technology: electronically controlled commutation technology, PLC control solenoid valve switches to achieve pumping, S tube allocated to pay to replace. Machine assembly is simple, low production costs, but the electrical control complexity, high failure rate and maintenance cost, easy to delay the progress of the project is the biggest drawbacks. The second generation pumping technology: hydraulic reversing technology, relies entirely on the master cylinder, hydraulic cylinder distribution of small signal changes to achieve action commutation. 1, pumping, S pipe distribution without PLC electrical components involved in concrete, lower failure rate, control is more reliable product life greatly improved. 2, fully hydraulic pump control technology, there is no constant pressure pump control box is not PLC, no nitrogen gas tank, water tank at no proximity switch, simple structure, maintenance costs are significantly reduced. 1) concrete pump should be placed on a solid flat surface, lay down the legs, the body placed stable. Should be checked before 2) work, make sure electrical equipment and instrument, various parts of the switch button, the handles are in the correct position, the mechanical part of the fastening point solid, reliable, chain and belt tension to meet the requirements, transmission parts in normal operation. 3) concrete delivery pipe joints should be sealed tight, the card should be securely connected pipe. Not less than 10m front vertical pipe horizontal pipe with a check valve, non-vertical pipe directly connected to the concrete pump outlet. 4) pipe blockage, should evacuate personnel around. Should be taken to counter before removing the pipe cleaning method, remove the pressure pipeline. When removing the nozzle of people prohibited. 5) Do not remove the hopper grille net and other safety devices work. Can not climb and ride-pressure transmission pipeline, extending into the valve body can not handle the work, it is strictly prohibited disassemble pipeline pumping. 6) when cleaning pipes, the operator should leave the pipe concrete vibrator concrete poker vibration poker outlet and elbow joints. When cleaning with compressed air, such as pipes, pipe within 10m at the exit can not be someone and equipment. 7) After operation, the hydraulic pressure relief system, the entire control switch back to the original position.

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